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Have a Heart for Waltham Salvation Army



WCAC-TV is hosting a fundraiser for the Waltham Salvation Army.  

We are accepting $5 donations to have a Valentine message to a loved one or someone special on the WCAC-TV Bulletin Board on Valentine’s Day!

All proceeds will go to the Waltham Salvation Army.  Please drop off your donation and message to WCAC-TV at 400 Main Street, Waltham by Thursday February 12, 2015 for the submission deadline.  Checks can be made payable to “Waltham Salvation Army.”

The message can contain up to 14 characters per line, with a 3 line minimum – and please print your messages clearly on the form!

Attached below is the Have a Heart Donation Form to Download and Print.

Any questions can be directed to the Waltham Channel at 781-899-8834.

Have A Heart Donation Form 2015

(Please download and print the above form for your Valentine Message/Donation submission.)

We have a new website!

Very excited to announce we have a brand new facelift on our WCAC website! Take a moment to check out the new site!

Some fun features that you will find throughout the pages:

Links to all of our associated social media pages from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to stay connected with us!

Tabbed content on many pages where you will find information. For example, on the “About” page, there is tabbed content for Location, Staff, Board of Directors and Hours of Operation.

Both channels, WCAC-TV and MAC-TV have their own dedicated pages for programs, schedules, and you can now view our community Bulletin Boards for information on the web at any time! Have you ever missed a bulletin regarding some city event or community event, but had to wait for the current program to be over to see the bulletins? Now you can visit our webpage, and go to the associated channels live streaming Bulletin Board!

The Waltham Newswatch has their own dedicated page, with links to their social media and content.

And of course, our new blog! We hope to keep you up to date on different things happening at the Waltham Channel, and in the city!

Stay tuned, Waltham!

-Kerry of the MAC Channel