Respected Hometown Judge Retiring

Judge Gregory Flynn at a 2016 inauguration event for Waltham elected officials

by Chris Wangler

Waltham native Gregory Flynn, a longtime Waltham District Court judge, will retire in December after nearly 30 years on the bench.

He will step down on his 70th birthday, the mandatory retirement age.

Judge Sarah Ellis, a court colleague, worked with Judge Flynn for three years. “He is a teacher, mentor and friend of the first order,” she said.

Born in 1951, Greg Flynn grew up on Fiske Street in Waltham, one of nine children. His prominent Irish-American family had practiced law in the city since the 1910s.

After earning law degrees in the late 1970s, the third-generation attorney joined the Flynn and Flynn firm downtown.

Gregory Flynn then moved into the public sector, serving as an assistant US attorney and top counsel for the MBTA.

In 1993, then-Governor William Weld appointed him to the bench. The Hon. Gregory C. Flynn soon became the top judge (or first justice) at Waltham District Court.

He presided over countless criminal and civil matters in his busy urban court, including mental health and substance abuse cases in recent years.

Judge Flynn in 2016 during a hearing for murder suspect Julio Resto
Judge Flynn in 2016 during a hearing for murder suspect Julio Resto

Reflecting on his legacy, Judge Flynn said, “We managed the chaos at the intersection of the human condition and the law.”

He taught Judge Ellis the importance of serving the local community. “He focussed on those appearing in court seeking or needing help,” she said.

Judge Flynn lives in Weston. He is married and has four adult children and eight grandchildren.

On December 10, a portrait of him will be unveiled in Waltham District Court to commemorate his 28 years of service. Congrats!