Time to Try the Monuts

by Chris Wangler

January 26, 2023

Mister Monut is now open at 873 Main Street in the former Anna’s Pizza House location. The new place opened Wednesday after a buzzy soft opening recently.

Mister Monut Exterior

A line snaked out the door on Sunday after a soft opening was announced.

The new bakery serves delicious and unique fusion pastries: mochi donuts and kroffles.

Mochi donuts, first created by a Japanese donut chain, combine traditional donuts and a Japanese rice cake called mochi. Mister Monut’s version uses a special rice flour.

Owners Nick and Tau

The owners, pharmacists Nick and Tau, came up with the “monut” moniker, combining mochi and donut into one word.

While visiting Seattle, Tau tried mochi donuts and was hooked, both on the flavors and the business potential.

Not too many places make the treats on the East Coast, so the pair began searching for a location.

Waltham’s diversity and proximity to universities was exactly what they were looking for.

Mister Monut Interior

Along with mochi donuts, their new place also serves kroffles, a croissant / waffle hybrid. Kroffles are made from croissant dough prepared on a waffle pan and topped with proprietary whipped cream.

Mister Monut Kroffles

Both treats come in a surprising variety of flavors, some with Asian inspiration. This monut incorporates two interesting flavors, matcha and pistachio, offering a slightly crunchy exterior and soft inside.

Mister Monut Matcha and Pistachio Monut

There’s no coffee yet, but it’s coming.