Yelp Glory? The Family Recipe is Surprisingly Simple

Taqueria El Amigo Outside
by Chris Wangler
February 16, 2023


Taqueria El Amigo, a hole in the wall near Pro-Tech, was recently named one of America’s Top 100 restaurants, according to Yelp.

Taqueria El Amigo Yelp Award

It’s been bonkers ever since.

“Craziness happened,” said Waltham resident Omar Timoteo, who runs the place with his brothers. He said people are driving from as far away as Rhode Island to Willow Street in Waltham.

Taqueria El Amigo Customers

The latest accolade followed one back in November, when Yelp named El Amigo the 60th best taco spot in America.

“It’s just authentic Mexican food,” said Omar’s brother Jonathan, who works at a body shop during the day.

Taqueria El Amigo Chefs
Jonathan says grilling all the different meats together creates unique flavors.

Three years ago, the Timoteos started managing the business for the owner, who built up a loyal following and run two other locations.

Taqueria El Amigo Jonathan and Omar
Taco kings Jonathan and Omar Timoteo, leaders of a growing family business that attracts Mexican food lovers from all over.

The vibe in Waltham is young, but the recipe for success doesn’t involve food delivery apps, online ordering or biodegradable takeout containers.

Instead, the brothers focus on fresh food and customer service, even when the line snakes out the door.

Taqueria El Amigo Tacos
Yelp reviewers gush online about El Amigo’s simple but exquisite (and cheap) menu, including Tacos Especiales in a variety of meat options.
Taqueria El Amigo Chicken Enchilada
The chicken enchilada plate is one of the most popular dishes.

To meet the increased demand, the staff has been putting in extra hours. All they ask is a little patience.

Expansion is in the cards, said Omar, but sacrificing quality is out of the question.

The Taqueria El Amigo Family